Below the Belt with Sexologist and Zenzsual Co founder Dr. Sofia Herrera

Below the Belt with Sexologist and Zenzsual Co founder Dr. Sofia Herrera

On right this moment’s episode we’re talkin’ ALL issues personal and going under the belt with Dr. Sofia who has a wealth of information and is really so enjoyable to observe. I’m obsessed along with her and her complete product line, and what they’re doing for our ladies’s well being, particularly in midlife. Sexual well being and dialog usually instances feels “taboo”, nevertheless it’s a very vital subject for us to debate overtly. In this episode, I requested her ALL of the issues that many people can be too scared (or shy) to ask!

Women’s well being is essentially misunderstood. Unlike males, ladies undergo numerous modifications in life and we’re consistently having to adapt. The lack of understanding about these modifications can lead ladies to make choices that would have some dangerous penalties. Dr. Sofia got down to educate ladies, like us in midlife, extra intimate sexual well being.

Pain During Intercourse After You Have a Baby That Seems to Get WORSE in Menopause and Midlife

Pain throughout intercourse is the primary killer of somebody’s sexual drive. When you’re consistently experiencing ache, you’re seemingly not going to need or like to get intimate. The ache after delivering a child is of course induced by the hormonal modifications a lady goes by means of (no matter supply technique). During this time, a lady’s physique is ready to feed and handle the child, so all the hormones produced in our brains and ovaries are literally blocking need and vaginal lubrication — which is the primary wrongdoer to the ache you may expertise throughout this time (along with the potential vaginal tear from supply). Since ladies are SO inventive, if we expertise ache and usually are not conscious of our physique’s modifications, we’d bounce to conclusions that one thing is incorrect with us, and tuck away in our brains the “wanting” of intercourse. This is the best ache to alleviate with correct lubrication or altering our methods of entry.

Below the Belt with Sexologist and Zenzsual Co founder Dr. Sofia Herrera and natalie jill midlife conversationWhat Should You Look For in a Lubricant? 

There are a TON of lubricants on the market. Unfortunately, numerous them trigger some not so pleasant unwanted side effects. The excellent lubricant is water primarily based. If it’s not water primarily based, they are usually oily, and can get caught within the tissues of the vagina and may trigger a number of infections. You additionally wish to be sure to use one with out glycerine, with out silicone, with out perfume/taste, with out phenoxyethanol, and with out parabens. All of those may cause actually unhealthy unwanted side effects. In addition to being water primarily based, you wish to search for one that’s really good for you even AFTER intercourse. One with hyaluronic acid is definitely actually moisturizing on your physique (who knew that try to be moisturizing your vagina?!)

What Happens to Vaginas as We Age? 

Our our bodies and vulva rely quite a bit on estrogen. As we age, our hormones change and diminish. When the estrogen begins to dip, we are able to get actually dry. When we age, our vagina loses the aptitude of retaining as a lot water because it did beforehand. When this occurs, we are able to expertise dryness. Imagine a sponge. When it’s moist, it’s plump and full and spongy. When it’s dry, its shriveled, jagged, and simply not as plump and full. This is precisely what occurs as we age, which is why moisturizing your vagina with high quality gels is SO vital. Acting like water to a sponge, the gels being added day by day to your vagina (each externally and internally), you’ll primarily “preserve your sponge moist”, wholesome, and plump.

What is Going on With the Odor Down There in Midlife? 

After a lady will get her first interval, and all the best way even previous menopause, a lady will get a odor that may be very specific to that space of her physique. It’s NOT a odor of flowers, or strawberry! Sorry women. Nope, it could’t odor like fragrance. It smells like a vagina and is barely acidic. And sure, once we exercise, it’d odor like B.O. as a result of it’s really the one different place on our physique (the folds between our legs and vulva) that has the identical sort of glands as our armpits do! It’s regular (even when we don’t prefer it!) Even if we don’t just like the odor, it’s NOT wholesome to scrub inside your vagina (like with a douche). When you do that, you have an effect on your microbiota within the vaginal microbiome that protects us from infections. The ONLY secure spot to scrub is the exterior vulva — NOT the within. The inside is like an oven, and cleans the within itself. To clear your vulva, be sure to are utilizing one thing clean that has NO detergent (search for SYNDET), contains hyaluronic acid, and different good ingredients for your lady parts like Zenzsual cleanser has. Make positive you aren’t over-cleaning and solely wash like 1-2 instances per day.

Listen, this and SO MUCH MORE (together with toys and methods) is on the episode! You’ve gotta tune in and study what Dr. Sophia has to share with us.

Below the Belt with Sexologist and Zenzsual Co founder Dr. Sofia Herrera PinAbout Dr. Sofia

Sofía Herrera Mendoza is a famend Venezuelan physician; specialist in gynecology, obstetrics, hysteroscopy, laser, and Personal Coach. In addition to drugs, her ardour is schooling, which is why she has devoted to informing by means of conventional and different media. In 2017, she got here to the United States as a “Celebrity Doctor” within the data space by means of social networks. With personalities reminiscent of Ingrid Matcher and María Marín, she maintains weekly data packages by means of completely different platforms.

With greater than 20 years of expertise, Dr. Herrera has been a pioneer in social networks, establishing open communication on points regarding ladies’s complete well being.  She is the creator of two Books: “Tu Cuerpo” and “Basta de Hacerte Pipí en Los Pantalones”, each Best Sellers in classes of latest releases on Amazon. She wrote them as a way to alert and inform that they need to bear in mind that information is the best device to forestall or deal with illnesses early with larger success and a optimistic affect on well being.

Her recommendation may also be obtained at “Your Intimate Health”, the place along with Dr. Klara Senior, she is co-founder and major speaker for the Zenzsual model.

Sofia Herrera wan to unfold her well being message for ladies and adolescents as a way to actually generate empowerment by means of the acutely aware transformation of wholesome habits.

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In this episode, you’ll study:

  • Why we’d expertise ache throughout intercourse in midlife
  • Why correct lubrication and moisturizing is critical under the belt
  • What it’s essential to do to handle your self down there in midlife


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